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About The Project

Creating Postgraduate Collaborations (CPC)

This project aims to enhance the capacity of partner institutions to produce research by: 1. Stimulating the development of environments that provide exposure to research and are rich in support for research. This would include enhancing the capacity to manage research; 2. Increasing the capacity of academic staff members to supervise at postgraduate levels through the provision of courses that are tailored to specific contexts. The project dubbed ‘Creating Postgraduate Collaborations (CPC)’ is co-funded by Erasmus+, which is a programme of the European Union.
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Project Activities

Strengthening Postgraduate Supervision

Contributing to the quality of postgraduate supervision through the provision of a course on supervision that is sensitive to individual contexts. A Postgraduate Supervision course was facilitated by Rhodes University, South Africa in the months of May and June 2020. Owing to the restrictions brought about by COVID 19 the course was held online. Maseno University had 23 participants representing the Schools within the University. The success of the training was capped with certificates for participants. The next stage in this process will be institutionalization of the training within the University to enable supervisors build on their skills to enhance the postgraduate environment.

Project Activities

Summer School

One summer school will be hosted per year by a partner institution. The theme of each summer school will be identified by the host institution in order to draw on its particular strengths. Participants from collaborating institutions will provide support and also endeavour to attend summer schools of interest. A virtual training on how to set up and run a Summer School has been undertaken. This positions Maseno University as a key player in offering Tailor Made Trainings and promoting postgraduate education while enhancing its networks both regionally and internationally.

Fostering scholarly conversations

Partner institutions will host seminars and guest lectures, which will be streamed to other campuses via the project online space. Academics, supervisors and postgraduate supervisors will be encouraged to take part in the seminars and follow up activities intended to promote further discussion and reading will be developed.

Project Activities

Building the Capacity of the Graduate School

Maseno University wishes to set up an interactive Graduate Studies Seminar Room as part of their graduate school for use by postgraduate students and supervisors. The project’s equipment budget will be utilized to procure electronic equipment necessary in contemporary postgraduate studies.

Contributing to the development of capacity to manage research

The capacity to manage research at institutional level is key to increased production. Research outputs have to be captured and analysed for areas of high and low endeavour. The peculiarities of institutional contexts where outputs differ need to be explored in order to allow for lessons to be learned from those contexts especially in cases where outputs are high. This capturing and analysis will lead to the development of strategies for enhancement. In addition, it allows for funding to be sought and to be directed at areas where it can best be used.